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Top articles issue 2/2003
Esuring safe loads with the SMS Safety Muting System
Before loading, pallets are secured in order to ensure that goods remain on their pallets during transport - e.g. by horizontal binders from the Swiss company Peter Born AG. The SMS Safety Muting System and an MSLZ multibeam safety photoelectric switch with an integrated muting function ensure maximum safety and smooth integration in automatic transport systems... more
The ICS 100 gears up for reliable running
Magna Steyr, the Austrian supplier to the automotive industry, uses the ICS 100 camera sensor to inspect the surfaces and true running of the gear wheels for dynamic balancing differential gears... more

Data matrix identification on circuit boards
Machine manufacturer IPTE Germany GmbH from Fürth detects alternately arranged data matrix codes on circuit boards in motion with two ICR 850 devices. The reading devices are connected to the machine control system via the CDB 420 connection module. This solution’s advantages: time savings and the identification of mixed 1-D and 2-D codes... more
Ex-protection: what changes has ATEX caused?
Since 1 July 2003, only goods that comply with the new 94/9/EG (ATEX) directive, and the other relevant standards, can be marketed for potentially explosive areas. This has brought about a variety of changes for producers and customers... more

(R)evolutionary multi-dimensional object detection: the LMS 400 sets new standards
Reporting the presence of objects, classifying objects, checking contours, and controlling gripper equipment - the range of automation uses of the new LMS 400 Laser Measurement System, to be introduced at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2003 trade fair, knows no limits... more
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