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Services & support for industrial safety systems
Safety on which you can depend
Higher production targets and the related cycle rates require increasing networking and automation. The consequence: Production systems are becoming more complex and operation more demanding. Here you must be able to rely on the safety of the production systems.

Focus on productivity
Modern safety solutions offer the optimal combination of safety and efficiency: Intelligently matched emergency stop strategies, zone concepts or muting functionality optimise the production flow. As a result industrial safety systems increase machine availability and reduce the downtimes we know what to tackle!

With SICK services you will profit over the entire lifecycle of the machinery and systems from the worldwide know-how of the market leader on safety and from the experience in different sectors and countless applications.
We have the overview for you
Safety officers face a complex array of laws, regulations, marking requirements and directives here it is difficult to keep an overview. This is where the SICK safety companions come into play...more
At SICK you will obtain everything to suit your needs
With almost 50 subsidiaries, at any time SICK will be able to provide you with competent assistance on all aspects of day-to-day practice... more
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