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New developments from SICK – that means a wide variety of soluutions that make factory and process automation more efficient, more flexible and more productive.

The latest product highlights are presented on this page. We can offer even more new and further developed devices, however. Simply follow the links in the light blue column. The right product for your application will certainly be present.
DT50 - Distance sensor with analogue output
Here it feels comfortable:
-Ports and harbours
-Mobile vehicles
-Printing industry
For rapid and reliable qualiy inspections
The Inspector 2D vision sensor
-Compact, user-friendly, reliable
-Integrated illumination, image evaluation, Ethernet interface
Inspection of parts in any orientation and position

Reduction to the essential, multifaceted application options
W11-2 Photoelectric switch
-Fast and easy commissioning
-Wide variaty sensor technology
-Precise background/foreground blanking
Best in class in stainless steel
W4S-3 Inox Product family
-Best ambient light suppression
-All types with pin-point technology
-WLG for transparent objects with continuous threshold adaption

For T-slot cylinder
MPS- Magnetic position sensor
-Different measuring ranges up to 128 mm
-Electrical setting of measuring ranges (zero point/end point)
-Extremely compact housing design

Linear, contactless Motor Feedback System with HIPERFACE®
TTK70 Motor Feedback System
-Maximum measurement length 4m
-Insensitive to dust, shavings and humidity

Smaller size, Bigger performance
AFM/AFS60 Position encoder
-High resolution
-Precise optical scanning system
-Temperature range -20°C to +100°C

Protect hazardous areas flexibly — designed for direct network connection
S3000 PROFINET IO Safety Laser Scanner
-Direct integration in bus systems
-Configuration memory
-Selectable resolution
The small expert for big output
S300 Expert Safety Laser Scanner
-Phenomenal 270° scanning angle
-Extremely compact design - smallest safety laser scanner in the world

Does not like to be tampered with something
T4000 Direct Transponder safety switch
-Transponder systems offers protection against tampering through coded actuator
-Large response range

Cross and parallel Muting:
M4000 Muting arms
Muting sensor brackets for mounting on M4000 housing profile or device columns with external assembling grooves
-Available for 2 sensor cross muting / 4 sensor parallel muting

Small new emergency assistant for machines and plant
ES21 emergency stop buttons
-Allow a machine or plant to be stopped immediately
-Conform with relevant standards
-Integrated or mounted versions
A new name for safe controller solutions
-New comprehensive product concept that has been consistently designed for uncomplicated use
-Combines future-oriented technologies with easy handling in every project phase
In wind and weather
LD-MRS Laser measurement system
-High measurement accuracy, also adapted for snowfall, rain, darkness or dust
-Compact, light and robust

Reliable and fast
IDM120/140 Bar code hand held scanner
-Reliable detection of standard bar codes
-Increased productivity thanks to short scan time

Opening up new markets
The LMS100 Laser Measurement System
-Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications
-Scanning angle of 270°
-High detection capability
Intelligence for logistics and automation
CLV630/640 bar code scanners
-High reading and network performance
-CAN and Ethernet TCP/IP on board
-SMART code reconstruction