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Innovations for all sensors
Extreme production conditions, the most varied of process steps - these are the challenges facing sensors in the electronics industry.
Whether wafer detection, chip positioning or the inspection of circuit boards - SICK stands for innovative products and optimised solutions for the semiconductor industry and microtechnology - worldwide.SICK also supports you in the future-oriented solar sector in the automated solar cell production.

Reliably detecting reflective objects with WT4-3
Photoelectric proximity switch WT4-3 with V optics for reliable detection of reflecting and transparent objects. More...
Vertical protection of a machine’s hazardous point-of-operation
Access to a double-sided wafer polishing plant must be protected using a safe, non-impeding sensor that monitors reaching-in to the running machine. This task is taken over by a vertically mounted safety laser scanner. More...
Identifying codes on circuit boards
During the equipping of circuit boards, the boards receive a bar code with a serial number that must be read during each processing step throughout production. A bar code scanner that can be parameterised for low contrasts identifies the codes. More...
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