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Flexibility is called for - packaging machines focus on the customer
Nice packaging not only makes presents more attractive industrial goods also sell better if the outer layer is right. But not only this in certain industries it is essential to check that use-by dates are printed correctly.
There are thus many machines that reliably and cleanly pack, gather and pick food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (and much else besides) in bags, tubes, and boxes.

These machine need sensors and sensor systems that meet the high demands.

Reading 2D codes on tubes
During the filling and subsequent packaging of tubes, a 2D code scanner identifies the correct tube on the correct line. The code also acts as a print mark for the folding process. More...
Protecting access to a packaging machine
Assess to a palletising robot is protected by a multiple light beam safety device in such a way that people entering the hazardous zone are reliably detected without the departure of loaded pallets interrupting the safety photoelectric switch. More...

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