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Machine tools - a wide field
The machine tools sector represents a wide spectrum. Whether presses, milling machines, turning tools, cutting or sawing machines, and much else besides; whether large processing centres or small stand-alone equipment - all of them require control, protection, inspection and monitoring.
SICK sensors and sensor systems cover the whole range of these requirements - thanks to a wide variety of products.

Protecting a press brake
Both the front and the back of a hydraulic press brake are protected with a safety camera system and a host/guest system, consisting of a multiple light beam safety device and a safety light curtain to prevent access from the back. More...
Safe functions in the production area: material removal point on a racking station
The racking station before a robot cell is protected with a safety light curtain. A multiple light beam safety device with a deflector mirror provides access protection behind the racking station. The two sensors are therefore active alternately. More...
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