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Preventing collisions and downtimes worldwide
Every day, problems delay and interrupt port operations - either completely or partially - all over the world. For minutes, hours or even longer. As a result, every year a lot of money is wasted reparing port equipment or because of damage to the transported goods.
SICK's scanners help terminal operators to considerably reduce the probability of collisions between cranes, vehicles and goods. Though SICK products have also become indispensable for the positioning of cranes or containers .

Positioning a truck below a ship-to-shore crane
HGVs transport temporarily stored containers from stacks to ship-to-shore cranes. Laser Measurement Systems determine the position of the HGV below the crane. More...
Reading ladder-type bar codes on packages
Packages at a package distribution centre must be assigned to the correct post office. A line scanner reads the information contained in a bar code attached to the side of the package. More...
Collision protection in the working area of a crane jib on a ship-to-shore crane
A Laser Measurement System with warning and protective fields prevents collisions between the ship-to-shore crane and the ship’s bridge or other structures. More...

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