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Demands are not decreasing
In the food, semi-luxuries and beverages industries, there is a need for sensors and sensor systems that can meet the most varied of requirements: clean rooms, cool halls, wet rooms, acidic and alkaline detergents, and other difficult conditions mean that it is not always easy to find the right product.
SICK offers a solution for almost every application, thanks to the wide variety of sensors and sensor systems available.

Positioning of PET bottles
During the packaging of bottles of beverages, the labels on the bottles must be aligned in such a way that they point outwards. For design reasons, no print marks may be visible on the labels. Luminescence scanners detect a mark invisible to the human eye. More...
Checking the presence of lids
Camembert units are automatically provided with differently coloured lids. Cheese without a lid must be diverted out of the line and manually covered. A Colour Vision Sensor with a wide field of view checks the presence of the lids. More...
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