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The right chemistry is necessary
And it exists - between SICK and its customers. Because SICK sensors and sensor systems identify, position, inspect and detect products, sell-by dates and much else in the chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.
The traceability of medicines is a particularly important topic in the pharmaceutical industry, as are product piracy and fakes. SICK products, however, also protect persons against dangers posed by machines or plant.

Packaging pastilles
Pastilles must be individually packed in a printed foil. During this fully automatic process, the printing should always be positioned at a defined location for accurate cutting. These demands are solved with contrast scanners. More...
Checking labels on bottles of washing-up liquid
In a labelling plant, various factors regarding the labels for differently coloured washing-up liquids must be checked and then the bottles assigned to the correct palletising station. These tasks are solved by color vision sensors. More...
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