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Making improvements together and knowing what's important
The optimisation of processes in automotive production and at parts suppliers is a continuous task - because global competition and price pressures never cease. Which is why every detail is always of decisive importance. SICK sensors help exploit even the slightest efficiency potentials.
SICK sensor solutions make production safer, more rapid and more transparent. Hazards and sources of errors are systematically eliminated and individual production steps accelerated. All helping to make you, and your production, a leader in global competition.

Identification of dashboards
During final assembly, the serial numbers of dashboards are read with the help of RFID technology. Moreover, with a further expansion level, it will also be possible to register the components built into it. More...
Automatic depalletising of engine components
Engine components are transported into a robot station on carriers. The pick-up robot works at very high speeds and must be controlled in such a way that it knows the location and height of the engine components - so that it can position the gripper correctly. A position and handling laser scanner is used here. More...
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