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Competence, expertise and experience - this distinguishes us
The products of the Industrial Sensors Division include encoders, motor feed-back systems, positioning drives, ultrasonic sensors, inductive, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors, magnetic cylinder sensors, photoelectric switches, contrast and luminescence scanners, colour sensors, fork photoelectric switches, light grids, distance sensors, data transfer systems, vision sensors, position finders, and light-section sensors.

These sensors can be used to locate production differences rapidly and reliably, detect quality deviations during running operation, and optimise processes throughout all phases.
Industrial safety systems, such as photoelectric switches, light grids, laser scanners and interlocks, ensure effective personal protection and accident prevention in automated production and logistical processes.

While the comprehensive range of services available for your application also includes commissioning, accredited safety inspections, our device repair and exchange service, machine stoptime measurements, technical advice, training and much more.
Production and logistical processes can be designed more rationally with pioneering Auto-Ident solutions. The product portfolio includes linear, stationary bar code reading devices as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for controlling material flows on conveyor systems, and mobile hand-held scanners for rapid and reliable detection of linear bar codes or 2D-codes.

Preventing vehicle collisions, monitoring docking and handling tasks, protecting buildings, counting people, classifying and sorting products, determining volumes and goods, measuring bulk materials, supporting vehicle navigation, measuring positions and thus monitoring processes - these are the tasks of SICK's volume and laser measurement systems.
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