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SICK Sales Force
SICK offers solutions at every phase of production in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, including automotive, packaging, robotics, machine tools, and more. Our experienced sales staff can help you solve a wide range of applications.
Gain maximum efficiency, reliability, and speed with SICK solutions for logistics automation. SICK is your technology partner for sensors, safety, vision, and automatic identification systems to optimize material flow processes in sortation and warehousing. Meet the logistics automation team.
To better meet your needs, SICK has Regional Distribution Sales Managers (RDSM) throughout the U.S. ready to help you locate a SICK Authorized Distributor in your area.

If you are located in Canada, we have an experienced sales team ready to assist you with our innovative solutions for factory and logistics automation.
For customers located in Mexico, our sales representative can help you with a SICK Authorized Distributor in your area.

6900 W 110th St
Minneapolis, MN
55438 USA