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Point and Shoot Safety Camera offers hassle-free guarding
The V300 is the latest safety camera from SICK for machine guarding applications.
Designed as a single box solution, the V300 is the first practical camera solution for point of operation guarding, reducing the number of parts and installation time required by traditional safety light curtains.
New VFS60 incremental encoder - The perfect match for AC Induction motors
Setting new benchmarks for encoder performance, the new VFS60 incremental encoder is the ideal feedback encoder for use with AC Induction motors.

With a new pick-up system utilising a metal code disc and a large separation between the electrically isolated ball bearings, users of the VFS60 incremental encoder are guaranteed a long operating life, highly accurate positioning and minimal speed ripple.
Improve Productivity - Get away from Muting Light Curtains
Now established in the market place, the C4000 Non muting Entry Exit and Palletizer light curtains are delivering superior performance over traditional muting light curtains. Jaguar Cars, BMW Mini, Stoklin, Daifuku, Honda Manufacturing, Unilever and Quinn Radiators are just some of the UK based companies using the new technology.
HIPERDRIVE HUB - Reduces the cost of automatic size change by 30%
A reduction in average batch sizes and the requirement to document production processes particularly for pharmaceutical products has led an increasing number of machine manufacturers to look into the implementation of automatic size change systems on their machines. The high cost associated with traditional approaches has been prohibitive. Now the HIPERDRIVE HUB offers a practical means of lowering the cost and making automatic size change more affordable.
Groundbreaking absolute encoder with minute disc
The new SKS/M36 Standalone absolute encoder utilises SICK|Stegmann's unique MiniDisc technology to offer users unrivalled levels of performance. At its heart is a code disc with a track radius of only 2mm - a tenth of the size of the disc used in encoders of a comparable accuracy. MiniDisc technology enables the production of not only a much smaller encoder but also an encoder capable of withstanding higher levels of shock and vibration.
New KH53 advanced offers wider mounting tolerances and reliable absolute positioning over up to 548m
The new KH53 advanced linear absolute encoder offers increased mounting flexibility compared with other technologies and previous versions. With a nominal separation of 55mm with a tolerance of 20mm the KH53 advanced can be used to accurately position any rail mounted vehicle - even on older installations with worn wheels or bent rails.
30 Bit Absolute encoder sets the new benchmark
Producing a total resolution of 30 data bits, this new multiturn absolute encoder solution enables users to achieve an unrivaled level of positioning accuracy and repeatability. Producing up to 262,144 steps/turn, this encoder solution is particularly suited to azimuth and altitude positioning on telescopes, high performance pan and tilt assemblies etc.
New laser displacement sensor improves accuracy 10 fold
With a 10-fold improvement in accuracy compared to other systems, the new OD Max laser displacement sensor is ideal for applications where distance measurement is required with an accuracy in microns rather than in millimetres precision suited to high-end solutions and applications such as quality assurance or surface inspection.
New motor feedback technology increases accuracy without affecting cost
The new SEK52 capacitive encoder is set to have a profound impact within all industries and applications that employ brushless servo technology. Not only does it offer 16 times the resolution of a standard resolver, but it does so at a competitive price.
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