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Photoelectric Switch W
Application expertise
  • For demanding applications, providing a higher level of detection and positional accuracy
  • Greater level of machine in-service availability, even in changing environmental conditions
  • Can be adapted for use in a variety of applications and differing conditions
  • Increased functionality permits a reduction in variant types, offering inventory savings
  • Faster, more stable production can be achieved as a result of shorter response times and consistent detection results
  • Efficiency due to simple, rapid commissioning and reduced plant downtime
Incremental encoders of the series CoreTech® DRS 60 and DGS 60 / DGS 65 / DGS 66. The angle and speed of rotation are determined incrementally (numerically)

Unique worlwide: zero-impulse teach-in for DRS CoreTech® encoders
Zero-pulse teach-in for incremental encoders
For the CoreTech® Encoder DRS 60 an individually customized product with any number of lines between 1 and 8.192 is available within 48 hours
Servo- or face mount, blind or through hollow shaft, with connector or cable outlet
The standard encoder DGS 60 comes available with any number of lines between 100 and 10.000

Absolute Encoders: CoreTech® ARS 60 Singelturn and ATM 60 / ATM 90 Multiturn. No reference traverse thanks to absolute position values within a single shaft rotation (singleturn) or with up to 8,192 rotations (multiturn)

For the CoreTech® Encoder ARS 60 an individually customized product with any number of lines between 2 and 32.768 is made available within 48 hours
Maximum reliability through mechanical drives for multiturn encoders
Simple zero adjustment by pressing a button or via a remote line
Servo- or face mount, blind or through hollow shaft, with connector or cable outlet
Wide range of interfaces available
High operating reliability and compact designs through opto-ASIC and chip-on-board technology
Immune to interference and extremely robust
The absolute, non-contact length measurement system for measurement lengths of up to 1.700 m: POMUX® KH 53 No reference traverse necessary thanks to absolute position determination

Friction-free through non-contact measurements
Ideal for harsh environmental conditions
Absolute position detection, no reference traverse necessary
Measurement lengths of up to 1,700 m can be achieved
Position resolution 0.1 mm
SSI and Profibus DP interfaces

Ultrasonic detection
Ultrasonic sensor UM 30 and ultrasonic UM 18 with double sheet application
Highly reliable operation – regardless of colour, material, surfaces and illumination
  • For transparent objects, glass, liquids
  • Reliable even in extreme environments such as dust, dirt and fog
  • Teach-in function
  • Temperature compensation
  • Automatic adjustment, analogue output: 4 – 20 A / 0 – 10 V
  • High resolution and long scanning distances
  • Flexible, comfortable implementation
Flexible and economic detection with IQ 80
  • Flexible installation: sunk flush or not flush
  • Rapid and comfortable mounting
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Resistant to mechanical loads
  • Withstand dampness and dust, with IP 67 enclosure rating
  • Reverse-polarity protected, overload protected
  • Indication of switching and operating state via LED
  • 360° rotatable M12 device plug for simple device connection
  • PNP output

The new Triplex series: sensors with 3-fold sensing distances
  • Improved plant availability thanks to high sensing distances
  • In IM 08, IM 12, IM 18, IM 30 designs
  • High sensing distances reduce the risk of mechanical damage
  • Compatible with conventional sensor types
  • Sensor versions with almost flush or non-flush installation, NO/NC contact function

T-slot sensor MZT 6 / RZT 6: User friendly with mounting brackets
  • Simple drop-in mounting with Mounting brackets and standard tools
  • Easy connection of sensor enabled by 2 m PUR cable, M8 x 1 plug or M8 x 1 with knurled screw
  • Greater reliability as practically impossible to pull out
  • For all pneumatic cylinders with T-slot
  • Comes available in two types: the electronic version MZT 6 and the 3-wire reed version RZT 6

DME 5000: High-speed sensor with simple mounting technology
  • Measuring range optimized for small parts- and pallet stocks rapid measuring time at best accuracy and reproducibility
  • Comfortable commissioning with illuminated LC Display
  • Simple mounting and aligment by new mounting technology and visible red light
  • Parallel information about measuring value, status and diagnostic on Display
  • Fully automatic commissioning of stackers by preset function
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