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New Products
W 18-3 Photoelectric Switch
Complete family of photoelectric switches with enhanced functionality and greater availability.

For more information click Here.
Encoders from SICK-STEGMANN
Incremental encoders: unique worlwide: zero-impulse teach-in for DRS CoreTech encoders.
Absolute encoders: wide range of applications, rapid and flexible mounting.
For more information click Here
UM 30 and UM18 ultrasonic sensors
These sensors are characterised by flexible application and a high level of system availability, and they operate independently of colour and illumination. More on this and other new Industrial Sensor products click Here
The S 3000 laser scanner
A trail-blazing sensor for horizontal and vertical safeguarding of access, hazardous areas, and hazardous points-of-operation. More on this and other new Industrial Safety Systems products click Here
Multihead interlock for economical safeguarding
Several sensors and just a single evaluation unit (T 4000, RE 3000, IN 3000, see illustration) - cutting costs of course. Further information on the products will soon be available.
Gas analysis extractive
SCP 3000: The gas sampling system for the cement industry.
More on this and other new Analyzer and Process Instrumentation products click Here
Flow Measurement
FLOWSIC 600: A top of the ultrasonic gas flowmeter
More on this and other new Analyzer and Process Instrumentation products click Here
The ICR 850 2D code reader
This complete sensor reads the smallest of codes at transport speeds of up to 5 m/s. More on this product Here.
The CLV 420 miniature bar-code scanner
High-quality reading properties and maximum user comfort are combined with minimum size in this device. More on this and other new Auto-Ident products Here.
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